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10 Unique Photo Gift Ideas for Everyone on Your List


10 Unique Photo Gift Ideas for Everyone on Your List

April 9, 2019 by pragnesh canvasbubble

Giving and receiving gifts is the most joyous feeling of all. Gifts leave an everlasting impact on your loved ones if they are personalized and connect you emotionally with them. Picking up gift cards for special occasions has become outdated these days. Additionally, people have become so advanced with the progressing technology that they probably do not even want to have another gadget to take up space. Therefore, in my opinion, photo gifts are the best option to give than gift cards, gadgets, edible items, etc. They are personal, simple, memorable, inexpensive and most importantly the best way to express your emotions and feelings. What else do you need when you get all these qualities in one gift? There are many photo gift ideas which you can use as a gift for different occasions such as canvas photo prints, panoramic canvas prints, art prints, photo frames, photo book and much more. We are going to discuss the top 10 creative photo gift ideas that will be a perfect suit for everyone.

1. Photo Cards

One of the most important reasons for giving gifts that incorporate photos is to show care for the ones we love and honor them. This is a tangible way to relish past memories. A photo card is a unique way of displaying candid photos. It is easy to make. You have to collect your favorite pictures, print them on the inkjet printers and paste them on the card. Easy! Isn’t it? You can even create your own photo cards at home in a couple of hours.

2. Photo Calendar

This is another fascinating gift that can be gifted to your loved ones with all the important family dates highlighted on it. You can add a different picture for all the months following a theme. For instance, you can add sunny and breezy pictures in the months falling in summers, pictures sitting around the fireplace, or with long coats in the months of winters, pictures enjoying on a beach in autumn, etc. This is how you can create a customized calendar that will remind them of good memories daily.

3. Vows, Poems, and Songs as a Photo Gift

If it is a wedding anniversary, birthday celebration or any other special occasion, you can give vows, poems, or song lyrics as scrolled canvas prints. This can be one of the most loved gits as the words that you value the most are transformed into a beautiful gift. Scroll canvas prints are a budget and eco-friendly photo gift option that is durable too.

4. Photo Collage on Canvas

  You can easily turn the most cherished pictures into a collage by getting them printed from one of the best online canvas printing stores. It is a perfect way of displaying a bunch of photos in just one snapshot. You can choose from a wide variety of options available online to display lovable photos in one place.

5. Bring Your Drawings on Art Canvases

Whether it is a drawing made by your child or the skilled artist in your family, you can always give importance to their artwork by printing them on canvas. This way you and your loved ones can enjoy the art knowing that it will not lose its value with time. There are various types of canvas frames available online such as desk canvas, panoramic canvas prints, rolled canvas, scrolled canvas, wooden photo frames, etc. This will let your acquaintances know that you value their art and talent.

6. Photos in a Box

Select your favorite photos from different occasions, print them on small size square canvases and store them in a box. Now, wrap the box with a customized gift photo wrap and a ribbon. These wrapped bunch of photos are surely going to make the day of your loved ones.

7. Event Planner as a Photo Gift

Bring out your creative side to beautifully design a weekly, monthly or yearly planner with your or your loved ones’ pictures. Select the size that you would like to keep for your planner, and then drop your photos on the cover and inside pages. Now add details for special dates such as birthdays, anniversaries, achievements, etc. Your planner is ready in just a matter of a few hours to be printed and gift wrapped.

8. Custom Photo Book

Just like a photo event planner, a custom photo book is also a good option to give as a gift. The photo book may consist of photos from a trip or lifetime photos of the person. You can make a photo book featuring the old family photos with ancestors to the immediate family in the present. Add the photographs in which you share your memories with your loved ones from the past. If you are about to get married and want to give your spouse a gift then a wedding guest book is the best choice. Get a wedding guest book printed from an online canvas printing store at a high-resolution quality that too at affordable prices.

9. Desk Canvas Prints

Some photos are worth looking at over and over. Desk canvas photo prints can prove to be a great gift in such cases. You can upload your high-quality photo on the online canvas printing website and the rest is taken care of by them. These desk canvas prints are made using cutting edge printing technology. Express your feelings to your loved ones and let them know how much they mean to you by giving this creative photo gift.

10. Wooden Photo Frames with Text

Pictures printed on paper do not really stand out until and unless they are decorated using a frame. But when you transfer the picture onto a wooden frame, you get a more rustic and adorable version of it. If you are an artist then you can try some DIY techniques to give modern and artistic designs to your photo frame. If you have some leftover pieces of wood, cut them into the desired dimensions and attach the high-definition print photo on it.

Gift Your Loved One Happiness Wrapped in a Box!

According to me, it is better to gift photos to your family members, friends, and acquaintances on their special occasions. Utilize the above ideas to make your gift stand out the others and leave an everlasting impact. You can get as creative as you want with your photos to present them in a unique and more alluring way.

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