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8 Smart Tips to Beautify Your Kid’s Bedroom


8 Smart Tips to Beautify Your Kid’s Bedroom

March 29, 2019 by pragnesh canvasbubble

As your child transitions from childhood to the teenage, bedroom is the space where he or she will spend the maximum time while studying, playing or hanging out with their friends. During this period, you may consider a makeover of the room. So it is necessary that you choose the interior decor options correctly and, at the same time, match with their likings. Factors like space and lightning also have to be taken care of in the process. This article will give you a fair idea of beautifying your kids’ living area in the best possible way.

Choose the Right Wall Decor

With so many options available around, parents might end up in a dilemma while shopping for the home decor packages. If your kids are very young (3-5 years old) then you can place wall stickers of popular cartoon characters, superheroes, cars, etc. For teenagers, you can include some of their school or college memories on the wall. For example, you may convert their high school graduation photos to canvas prints and hang them on the wall. By taking a look at them, they can revisit the golden era of their lives. If we talk specifically about boys and girls, you can differentiate the wall decor in various aspects. For girls, you can get a wall painted with Cindrella’s picture. On the other hand, portraits of famous sports personalities can be hung on the wall in the boys’ room.

Color Scheme

The color scheme matters as much as the wall decor. Bright colors should be chosen for kids’ rooms. It has been scientifically proven that bright colors are helpful in developing the personality of the child. There might be times when kids insist on a specific color for their respective rooms. But being a parent, you should understand the logic behind color schemes and decide accordingly.

Lightning Effects

The importance of lightning is felt during the night time. Most parents let their children sleep alone in the room. So you should ensure that the night lamp is located at a good spot and its switch is at an arm’s reach from the bed. You may also opt for night glow wall art. It should not face the kids’ sleeping position directly else it may be distracting. Online canvas printing service providers offer such artworks with custom dimensions to fit your wall. So keep looking for such options.

Utilize the Space Perfectly

The space in smaller bedrooms can be utilized perfectly by pushing the bed and other furniture against a wall. This makes the room spacious and the free area can be utilized as a play area for the kids. On a side note, you should inculcate a habit amongst your kids to pick up the toys from the floor after they are done playing with it. This will free up the occupied space that can be further used for other activities.

Furniture Selection

The furniture includes beds, shelves, study table, etc. and they must match the expectations of your kid. Nowadays, bunk beds are loved by kids and they sort out the issue of space as well. The shelves must be open so that kids can access their belongings easily. In order to keep toys, colorful bins or baskets will do the trick. If you are thinking of a closet, then make sure that it is well-organized and also contains drawers of different sizes. The drawers can be labeled if necessary. Ultimately, whatever you choose should also complement the look of the room.

Floor Decoration

Generally, people don’t consider decorating the floor. By decoration, I don’t mean using colorful tiles. If your toddler is fond of sketches, then you may hire a professional artist to do the needful. For example, different types of impressions can be made on the floor using stencils. The other option is to opt for a colored floor carpet or a cozy rug that your kids would love to walk on.

Achievements Corner

As kids grow in age, so does their list of academic and extra-curricular achievements. You can create a gallery of their trophies, medals, and other accolades. If there are some photographic memories, then you can capture them by creating a photo collage print and hang them on the wall.

Dedicated Playstation & Library

Playstation should not be restricted to video games alone. If the room is large enough, you can place a center table with a set of toys that your kid loves to play with. Once they start going to kindergarten, you might replace the generic toys with intelligent puzzle games. It will help to build their IQ. The library doesn't need to be big and can simply be a single shelf. You can arrange the books on the rack according to their genre. Remember, the selection of books should grab the attention of kids. A mixture of comics, novels, and sci-fi can be used for this purpose.

Let the Kids Have Fun

Childhood is an enthralling journey for kids and so it should be made memorable for them. Understand your children’s passion and blend it into the room’s theme. Let them have a say in the choice of furnishings, room layout, theme, etc. Before you even come to know them, they will be grown up and gone to get their degrees. Let the kids have fun in their living arena and watch them as they turn into mature human beings.

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