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Bring the Perfect Host Gift to Thanksgiving This Year


Bring the Perfect Host Gift to Thanksgiving This Year

November 22, 2019 by pragnesh canvasbubble

We all can agree that Thanksgiving is one of the best holidays to connect with family and friends. After all, Thanksgiving is all about enjoying a stuffed turkey and a decadent meal. If you have received a thanksgiving dinner invite, don’t show up at your guest’s door empty-handed. Even today, taking a small token of appreciation in the form of a gift falls under the nice gesture category. Your Thanksgiving gift can be a token of appreciation for whoever is filling your belly. Agreed that when nothing works, a bottle of wine, a pack of chocolates, or a bouquet of flowers is the last resort. But if you still have time to present a lovely gift, we have a few ideas for you. No, we are not talking about some boring generic presents that every host can expect. Why don't you offer special thanksgiving personalized gifts to your host this year? You can bring your host the perfect Thanksgiving present in the form of canvas photo prints. Your gift can serve as a memento for your host. He/she can frame this canvas, and it can grace their wall to stand the test of time. If you want to give your host a canvas print, we have an array of canvas print ideas as your Thanksgiving present. Check this and figure out your special Thanksgiving present!

1. Panoramic art prints

If your host is a true nature lover, there’s no better gift to present than a panoramic art print. Printed on a piece of canvas, you can gift these images to beautify your host’s home and office spaces alike. The ideas to print panoramic art prints are many. The options range from a sparkling city skyline at the dusk, to the breaking of the dawn at the mountains. You have hundreds of options to choose from. Subtle and stunning, panoramic canvas prints make the best thanksgiving presents.

2. Canvas photo prints

Gifting photos to your near and dear ones during thanksgiving is a lovely idea. And the best way to store memories is to get them printed and hung on the wall, isn’t it? But let’s try a different tangent this time. Instead of photographs, why not gift unique canvas prints with you and your host’s big fat grin on? The advantages of choosing canvas prints over traditional photographs are many. For starters, canvas prints are durable and have a whole new look and feel to them. What’s the best part? You can customize your canvas image as you like. You can add a ray of sunlight or hope of spring on your lovely faces if needed. Canvas prints are one of the best thanksgiving presents to gift your host.

3. Art canvas print

Worried about what to gift your art-fanatic thanksgiving host? Well, we have got you covered! Remember the times when purchasing art was only possible after burning a hole in the pocket? Well, that’s not the case anymore. We are not saying art prices have fallen. We are saying there’s an alternative you can use that’ll get you the art of your choice without costing you a fortune. We are talking about canvas art prints here. You can get your host a memorable piece of art in an economic way by printing it on a canvas. Adding more life and color to Thanksgiving, a canvas art print is an excellent gift for your host.

4. Canvas photo collage

If this year’s Thanksgiving dinner is at your family’s, then we have the perfect present for you to gift. A collage of all your family members fixated on a stylish piece of canvas can do the trick! Add magic to your thanksgiving eve by gifting a canvas collage, encased within a solid frame. Not limiting to family, this photo collage can be a perfect gift for any special person. As far as your phone’s gallery has your host’s pictures, you are all good to create a mind-blowing canvas out of it. Want to make this collage more special? Try adding images in such a way that they convey a special story about any occasion you all have spent together.

5. Wooden photo prints

Do you want to take this whole Thanksgiving present deal a notch higher? An excellent way to do this is by gifting your host a colorful wooden photo print. Shifting our focus from the canvas prints, these wooden prints have a charm of their own. Wooden prints provide as much flexibility as canvas prints. You can choose any image, with any color resolution and it will get printed on the wooden slab. If you want to gift your host a long-lasting and durable present, choose this. Photos printed on woods create the same benefits of an artwork. Wooden photo prints will continue to remain a fond commemoration of your memories. The two finish options you can choose here are vintage matte and bright white.

6. Desk canvas

The final addition to our list of customized Thanksgiving present is desk canvas. Compact and handy, desk canvas can sit at your host's coffee table or office desk. You can customize the frames of these canvases as per your host's decor. Subtle and simple, desk canvases are perfect if you don't want to overstuff a room. Without any loud decorations, simple desk canvases fit the ambiance of the room well. Since it is a desk canvas, make sure you don't fit more than two subjects in one frame. A desk canvas with more than two people in it may look very stuffy. So, don't overstuff your canvas and let it be spacious. Who would have thought Thanksgiving presents could be so sweet and emotional? With customized canvas prints, you can gift your memories to your host. So this Thanksgiving, ditch the usual gifts, and opt for personalized canvas! Leave lots of room for the turkey and create memories for next Thanksgiving!

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