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Exploring the Different Photo Gift Ideas for the Pet Lovers

Exploring the Different Photo Gift Ideas for the Pet Lovers

May 6, 2019 by pragnesh canvasbubble

How do you show your love and affection for your pet? Maybe by paying attention to want he or she wants, playing games with him, or pampering him with his favorite food. Have ever thought of customized pet photos? You might be clicking lots of selfies with your pet but getting those framed as beautiful canvas prints is certainly a unique idea. The pet pictures are adorable in decorating your home walls. Also, it can also be the best gift ideas for pet lovers. You can surprise your friend on his birthday with a cute little photo in which he is posing with his dog. He would just love to receive the gift. The pet pictures help you capture the special moment with your pet. While gifting the pictures you can exhibit your creativity to them in custom designed albums. You can create a canvas photo collage or get a single frame allowing the recipient to decorate the space accordingly. So, let’s have a look at some of the beautiful and unique pet photo ideas that you can present as gifts to your pet loving friends.

Pet Pillows

The customer surveys suggest that pet pillows are one of the most popular items among pet lovers. You may have hundreds of pet pictures stored in the camera. So, it’s time to select the best ones and get it printed on the pillows. All you have to do is upload the chosen photos and select the appropriate size. You can personalize the images change in background colors. The printing can be done on both sides, which allows you to choose two different pictures for the same pillow. If we talk about the materials, it is made from spun polyester, which offers durability to the product. Moreover, it is easier to print on polyester. The pet pillows are one of the finest gift options that helps your friend preserve memories with his lovable pet animal.

Pet Portrait

You have a large portrait of family members displayed prominently in your bedroom or the center of the hall. I hope you will agree on this; the pets are also a part of your family so why not showcase the splendid portrait of your furry friends. So, when you think of placing an order for a bespoke pet portrait, you can explore various options. These may include a photo to canvas print allowing you to transform any ordinary-looking pet picture into quality canvas prints. The next option that you can explore is simple but classy photo frames. It is also considered as one of the best budget-friendly gift options. The frames are available in a variety of sizes, materials, and colors. It has a glass covering in the front to offer protection against any damage or penetration of dust particles. You can hang the pet photo frames on walls or even place it on the top of the table as well.

Adding the Creative Element in Portrait

A beautiful canvas picture displaying your friend with his pet speaks a lot about their adorable relationship. But if you want to add a creative element, you can look to try out different options such as canvas print with text. You can get a message printed on the portrait which will convey his feelings and unconditional love for his pet.

Creating a Pet Gallery Wall

If you are looking to gift something extraordinary, then you can choose multiple canvas wall display and encourage your friend to create his own mini pet gallery wall. You can choose between three, four, and five-panel wall display depending on your budget estimate. All these panel displays are available in different sizes. Are you planning to give the decoration some twist? Well, you can combine these canvas prints with art canvas. Get the picture of pet printed in high-quality art prints within affordable prices.

Pet Wall Stickers

Wall stickers are one of the attractive and cost-effective ways to decorate any space, especially the children’s room. They are made of vinyl material, which is easily removable. You can get the pet wall stickers custom designed to embellish your walls. Moreover, you are also getting your furry friend’s picture stuck on the wall. You have to choose the appropriate size and upload the image. The wall stickers also provide you some other options to explore. This means you can blend your lovable pet’s photo with other pictures such as beautiful butterflies, birds, and fish.

Pet Photo Book

Another unique gift idea that will bring a smile on your friend’s face is the compact and portable pet photo book. This is a comprehensive photo album, which contains all the funniest and sweet memories that your friend has spent with his pet. It will refresh all the special moments such as the day when he brought the pet home, its first birthday celebration, spending a nice vacation trip with him, and much more. And this is a gift that he can preserve for a lifetime without any of the pictures getting blurred.

Getting a Collage Canvas Photo

If you want to impress your friend, with a pet photo that he will cherish for a long time, then creating a collage canvas is a viable idea. Let all the stunning pictures of his pet get displayed at one place with a touch of personalization and elegance. You can create as many pictures in a single college with various sizes with a custom template. Just wait a minute! If you think that you have to pay a hefty price for buying this magnificent gift, it is a mere misconception. The collage canvas prints are well accessible within your budget estimate.

Exploring at More Options

There are a plethora of pet photo gift ideas that you can search for in addition to these options. Any canvas image or print that you present to your friend will revive his old memories and each time he would view these photos, he would remember you as well.

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