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Make Your Small Space Look Amazing on Occasions with the Best Decor Ideas


Make Your Small Space Look Amazing on Occasions with the Best Decor Ideas

August 16, 2019 by pragnesh canvasbubble

“Is the small space in your living room a matter of concern?” “Do you ignore spending time in your living room because it looks cluttered and cramped all the time?” “Does your bedroom look dull and incomplete even with the right bedding?” “Do you skip decorating your home on special occasions because of space issues?” If the answer to these questions is a yes, then there is a need to decorate your small home in a way that your place looks bigger than it appears. Although there is nothing much you can add to the square footage, you can make the most use of the significant open space in your place- i.e., your walls. A little bit of creativity and a few additions such as canvas prints, wall hangings, and more can make your small apartment appear stylish and upscale. We have a few wall-decorating tricks that will enhance your walls and reflect your personality. If you are an art lover, nature admirer, or a bookworm, you can make your walls reveal your identity to your guests. Choose and place the interior of your home astutely so that your guests focus more on design and decoration rather than the space you have. Let us help you transform your small looking living room into a fantastic jaw-dropping space that appears more spacious than it is. Paint the Wall with Rich Colors We know that small rooms can be tricky to decorate, so start with choosing the right colors for your walls. Paint colors and painting techniques have a significant impact on how big or small your place feels. Know that dark colors look best in north-facing rooms, light and white-colored tones work better with south-facing spaces. And the west-facing rooms can also be made wonderful-looking with sunset hues. Choose Large Size Art Pieces You do not need to make efforts to make a whole art gallery when you can focus on one big colorful piece of art. An oversized abstract piece of art or a photograph or a custom canvas print will grab the attention of your guests. You can buy large size art canvas prints online at superb deals to add depth and volume to your place.  Decorate Using Tapestry Tapestries always flaunt their way into home decor trends as they showcase the color and beauty of traditional artwork. These provide texture, warmth, and a sense of softness to the living room while letting your room express your personal style.  Add pop and life to your contemporary minimal rooms with large sized tapestries. If you want, you can even use a more affordable alternative, which is the cheap canvas prints of these tapestries. Try Hanging Mirrors Everything counts in a small space, and adding too much can make them feel confining and uncomfortable. But with our design concept, you can fool the eyes of people and make your interiors appear much more spacious than they are. Choose a focal point and angle your mirrors toward it to give depth to your room. Give your room a more open feel by adding mirrors near the window or glass tabletops.  Create a Wall Art Gallery Nothing can beat a well-designed and structured gallery wall. You can get a bonus if you are an artist. So that you can add your traditional canvas paintings to the walls. Or simply upload some of your favorite pictures of including artwork and photographs of you and your family on the best online canvas printing website. Display these art and photo canvas prints framed with cohesive and straightforward frames on your walls in an array or random pattern to mix things up. Fill the Walls with Vertical Panels Do you find it challenging to decorate because of the tall ceilings? Why don’t you try hanging wall art series or multi-panel canvas prints to fill the wall? I bet you will experience an immediate change in your typical looking living area. Or you can even hang modern paper lanterns to create fun and liveliness. Choose a Large Rug Placing a larger rug in a bold pattern is a brilliant trick to make your room feel bigger. The larger rugs hide the breakup of tiles on the floor and give it an even look. This will provide you with functional space to design the rest of your room around. Think. Design & Decorate. Always feel free to play with the scale and never be scared of making a big statement in a small space. Remember, there is a very subtle difference between a cluttered space and a space with well-curated collections and design moments.  Choose and hang the wall art like a pro, design the furniture placement like a master and let the light flow in your space. This is how you can transform your small area using the above decoration tips into a stunning, happening, and spacious appearing place.  

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