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Are You a True Sports Fan? Here Are a Few Decor Ideas That Might Interest You


Are You a True Sports Fan? Here Are a Few Decor Ideas That Might Interest You

November 5, 2019 by pragnesh canvasbubble

If you are a sports fan, then it is definitely important to let the world know about your favorite sports. No, we are not talking about displaying your love for sports through social media updates. We mean for you to make some substantial changes to your living space so that you can let your visitors know about your undying passion for sports. Since many people have a common love for sports, we have something that can incorporate this love into something tangible. So here, we have rounded up some excellent sports-inspired decorating ideas that can help you showcase your passion for your favorite sports.

Displaying your own collection

If you already have an existing sports-theme collection at hand, we have a few interesting ways in which you can decorate your living space. For instance, you can use all your fun and chic items to display either on your built-in cabinets or even bookshelves. Moreover, you can take a step further to blend your sports-themed materials into your household stuff. You can get creative with your collection by utilizing flute vases, cake stands, coat racks, or hooks to display your medals.

Use the team colors

Be it football, hockey, cricket, basketball, or baseball, everyone has a team that he/she favors over other teams. Being a sports fan, you would definitely have sheer dedication and loyalty toward one favorite team. An excellent way to honor your love for your favorite team is by making use of the team’s color on your walls. If you want to make it even more special, then you can definitely consider painting your special den or a favorite spot in the house in your team’s flying colors. Although the second approach is a bit subtle, it is one of the greatest ways to give a shout out to your favorite team.

Add a few vintage touches to your space

There’s no better way to present your sports love other than taking the vintage route. You can add a bit more flair and sophistication to your sports obsession by getting a full wall gallery dedicated to your favorite team or sports celeb. You can personalize your sports-themes canvas prints that can grace onto your wall. You can have the logo of your favorite team, a team picture, or even your favorite celeb’s picture transferred into specially made sports canvas prints. To decorate your wall gallery, you can get it painted in your favorite team colors. This is one of the classiest ways to show your guest what a loyal fan you truly are.

Use sports-themed artwork

One of the best ways to decorate your house with the glimpses of your favorite team is by using modern artwork on your walls. This artwork can be either in the form of sculptures or in the form of paintings. You can specifically look for vintage posters or images and have them printed on canvas. You can also use modern black and white photographs on your walls. If you are looking to pin up your favorite sports celeb on the wall, you can also use one of the pictures clicked for a sports magazine photoshoot.

Start your decorations with the quotes

There is no better way to glorify your morning routine than reading out some of the most motivational sportsmen quotes hung on your wall. The easiest way to track down the quotes of your favorite sports celeb is by going directly on Google and searching for something motivating or inspiring that they might have said. How to go about it? Choose your favorite quote and start by creating a simple design right by yourself. You can use any of the applications available online to do the needful and then make canvas prints online. Now, if you are looking for a much bolder approach to showcase your love for sports quotes, you can also directly paint a segment of your wall with their words.

Create a classy sports display

If you don’t have much space in the house and are looking for some subtle sporty additions to your décor, then you can opt for a chic sports display that can particularly amplify a specific corner or portion of your house. Once again, such a décor only works best in a casual attic area, in the basement or the rec room. However, if you want to explore your creative stroke, you can display your sports treasures anywhere in your home. If you really want to experiment with your creativity on this subject, then you can make a totally glamorous display of your sports-themed artifacts in your bedroom or even in your closet. If you want to just add a few touches to your existing home décor, try mixing in small pieces of sports decor with your current accessories effortlessly. This will work best if you do have a few pieces of sports-themed pieces and don’t want to create a special spot. By doing this, you can simply mix them with the existing decor on your shelves.

Final words

If it is so close to your heart, and it is sports, let it be nothing short of grand and impressive. The key to having a mindblowing sports décor is using the best and most unique pieces to decorate your house, and canvases are the best way to go about it.

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