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Turn Your Travel Memories into a Striking Canvas Wall Display


Turn Your Travel Memories into a Striking Canvas Wall Display

October 3, 2019 by pragnesh canvasbubble

If you are someone who has been bitten by the travel bug, then we are sure you must have plenty of your travel memories captured behind the lens. Just imagine, you just get home from your dreamlike vacation and you can’t stop thinking about your outstanding vacation. Now, just because your trip is over doesn’t mean you have to banish all the sweet memories that you created. Well, don’t let these beautiful sights fade away. Also, don’t just leave these memoirs stuck behind a pair of lenses. In fact, there’s something great you can do with all the sights and poses you have captured all along your trip. Your gorgeous vacation photos need to be displayed so that they can be admired by you and your close ones. So on this account, let us present you with a handful of ways that you can use to preserve your travel memories for life.

Get them on print

Start by getting transferring your best travel image to a canvas. A travel master surely would have a long list of images to get printed for a show. You can consider materializing your beach lounges, a memorable ski trip, a weekend getaway to a sweet cottage in the woods, and much more. Or you can also turn these mesmerizing landscapes into a stunning canvas wall display, which would eventually become a statement décor piece for any room of your house. We are suggesting you a canvas print because, hey, that’s the new cool in the market. Since canvas prints can be personally customized and edited as per your liking, you can have them printed just the way you wish. They can be printed big or small, or they can also be printed into collages and framed just how you like.

Put a few top shots on display

Collage Canvas Display Goes without saying, picking one favorite picture from a hundred stunning images can be very difficult. In such a case, why don’t you put up a few top shots together in sync! All you have to do is pick two or three of your favorite images and hang them on the same wall side by side. But while doing so you have to make sure that all three canvases should be of the same size. This technique is an excellent way to have your own photo gallery in place. What you can also do is choose three images from the same trip and hang them in cohesion, in such a way that the final piece should look like they are conveying an entire story in themselves. Such a piece of artwork on your favorite wall will surely have the visitors gaping in awe!

It is time to frame the cities

Don’t worry if you have not traveled to so many places yet. You hang a canvas print showcasing all your travel inspirations that go into your bucket list. Such a piece of art won’t only keep your wanderlust alive, but will also push you to work hard each day so that you can finally make that coveted trip of yours. So Rome, London, Paris, Miami, Tokyo what’s the next stop?

Give some space to the candid shots

Who does not like collages, after all? In fact, photo collage on canvas has its own set of a fan bases. An avid traveler such as yourself must have snapped hundreds of excellent images of tourist cities. Why not put all the cities you have visited into a stunning piece of photo collage? This canvas can be huge and be the center of attraction. Think about the endless stories such a massive collage would narrate to its observers! If not this theme, then you can also create an ultimate travel collage print by bringing together up to 36 of your favorite adventurous pictures. You can cherish all your trips in just one picture and revel into those beautiful moments every time you pass by them.

Print those stunning candid shots

What’s so great about candid shots is that they capture people’s genuine emotions, which take place in that exact moment. Such emotions just cannot be produced in a planned shot. These images create such a memorable travel moment that you can totally bring them into your house in the form of canvas photo prints. What more, getting your sweet moments, with your near and dear ones, printed on lovely canvas portraits will forever remind you of what a wonderful time you had in exploring such a memorable journey.

At last…

Now that you know what to do with your beautiful travel memories, wait no more. Start hunting for your favorite pictures, and get set go. It is now time to have an exquisite wall gallery decorated with your superb canvas prints.

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